This is a link to a set on SoundCloud. The set is comprised of songs that I like from the time that XenophoN stopped playing until a year or so ago. The set title refers to the long hiatus that I took from playing after Adam Watson left Connecticut in 1995 until he dropped a copy of Logic (and other assorted goodies) on me out of the blue in 2007. I've decided that this set is finally done based on my realization that the items that I'm currently working on are themselves a project, Project X. These songs are all by me except 'Summon the Toymaker' which is based on and incorporates a keyboard line by Troy Metcalf.

FWIW, I've decided that my genre is 'Idiosyncratic Dance Music' though not all of these songs fit that category; some of the Hiatus songs are not very accessible.

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Wow. Just wow.

Last night I noticed that one of my FEMA deployment bags was missing from my home office; I had last seen it Saturday when I used the GPSr from the bag. This morning I got to my office in Hanover and there was a message from a hunter who found my bag in Claremont while hunting yesterday.

There was no sign of break-in at the office and more valuable/easier to fence items, such as a MacBook Pro, were not taken.

This afternoon, I went and got my bag back. The man who found it was very nice and his concern and effort to retrieve the bag and contact me makes me feel a little better about the entire situation.

Of the items I am sure were in the bag, I'm looking at a replacement cost of $1030. I'm sure MA-TF1 (my FEMA team) will cover the cost of their items; $275. Helmet (red Bullard USAR (construction style)), rain pants, gloves, eye protection, some light sticks.

$755 of that amount represents my own personal items. A lot of the items I'd had and used for years and had lots of memories attached. My GPSr had lead me many places and tracked a million trips. One of the lights I had found years ago in the road outside Zeitgeist when I lived there. Sonny Grover gave me my good work gloves when I was brand new on his department. I'd had the compass for 20 years, maybe; the multitool for 12. I'd bought the whistle during my very first WFR at SOLO. 

This just sucks.

Why would someone break into my office and just steal my 24-hour bag? It makes no sense.

Beloved Ruby


Ruby Payne, beloved companion of sister Emmy, co-feline Amelia, and humans Mason, Calvin, Heather, and James Payne, passed away unexpectedly last weekend.  She was five.

Ruby enjoyed playing, catching wildlife, and relaxing with her humans.  She was fond of the outdoors and enjoyed all of the seasons.  She liked kitty treats, catnip, and surreptitiously licking butter sticks on the counter.  She was very patient with and loving to her sisters and humans.

Ruby excelled in Human Studies and had developed advanced techniques for working with the human world including skills such as opening doors of different types, operating office equipment, and gently waking sleeping humans.

Ruby and her littermate Emmy were welcomed into the Payne household from the Springfield (Vermont) Humane Society in 2007.  The sisters quickly became an integral part of the family.  Together the household grew and enjoyed life.  After Emmy’s unexplained disappearance in the summer of 2010, Ruby became listless.  While she was still attentive and affectionate to her humans, Ruby lost interest in playing.  The following summer, Amelia joined the household as co-feline.  After some initial tension on Ruby’s part, Amelia was accepted into the family and helped restore Ruby’s zest for life.  The past year had been joyful for the kitties and their humans and this summer has been full of chasing wildlife, rolling in the sand, and playing Cats and Humans.

Ruby was interred in Perkinsville on Sunday, August 26th, 2012 with her humans in attendance.

The family asks that you cherish your companions and think a positive thought for a little grey kitty playing in the grass.


What I Did on my Summer Vacation, Part 1

I'm back from four days at FEMA summer camp; a mobilization exercise for my US&R team (MA-TF1). Last Monday night between eight and eight we processed about 350 patients (role players) with the help of a National Guard CERFP team and a DMAT. Not exactly like real life; by the time a FEMA US&R team gets deployed, local public safety assets will have sorted out the walking wounded and other easily-accessible victims. Still, it was an interesting exercise and my first opportunity after a year of training to see how the team works in the field.

As part of my role with MA-TF1, I photographed the event along with several other Technical Information Specialists. On our return, I was asked to produce this slide show. I sorted through more than 3,200 photographs collected during the exercise to come up with these 119 images.

Bull with a smoke

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We always have an Easter-egg hunt for the kids.  We take plastic eggs and fill them with candies and change, then hide them around the yard.  The kids go find them and everyone has a lovely time.

Yesterday, the smaller offspring asked Rabid when the hunt would begin.  

She told him that this year, we were having a special egg-hunt; an Inspirational Quote hunt.  She said that she and I had been collecting inspirational quotes for the last few weeks and writing them on slips of paper.  This year, we would replace the candies and change with the inspirational quotes.

O2 looked disappointed.  

"The real fun part comes after the hunt," I told him, riffing on his mom's genius.  "Each of you will have the opportunity to read the quotes that you've collected.  Based on your dramatic interpretation of the quote, we'll reward you with a piece of candy.  The better a job you do with the quote, the better the candy reward."

"This will be the worst egg hunt ever," O2 grumbled.

Man, oh man.

Alduin gets his first smackdown at the Throat of the World.  I think it's going to be the real thing, that he's going to be dead-dead, but no; once I've subdued him he tells me that I can't actually kill him there for some supernatural reason and then he gets up and goes flapping off towards points unknown.

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Universe, Thank You

When I bought my car in November, it came with a three-month trial subscription to Sirius.  I don't usually listen to music when I drive; I usually have the radio off, in fact.  But I got used to having Sirius and in fact used the radio far more than I had for years.

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