Bjamexza Q. Pyndejo / James O. Payne, Jr. (bxiie) wrote,
Bjamexza Q. Pyndejo / James O. Payne, Jr.

I worked a 48 over the weekend. It wasn't as busy as the last one but I was still tired when I got home on Sunday.


Here I am on the way back from Dartmouth Hitchcock. It seems that everyone who works at DHMC has self-esteem in spades but they almost make up for it by regularly stocking the EMS alcove, the place we go to complete the paperwork, with candy. I'm enjoying a blow pop in the back of the bus; we took a nurse on the transfer to DHMC and I gave her the front seat on the ride back. You can also see that I've borrowed the pillow off the stretcher so as to increase my comfort that little extra bit.

When I got back home on Sunday, we received six phone calls in about fifteen minutes from my SAR team. It seems that there was a search going on since Friday up near Burlington and they were looking for help on Monday. Yesterday I dragged myself out of bed and got up there by nine.


Here is the track from my GPS; over the course of the day, I walked nine and a half miles through cow pasture, swamp, and dense forest while we did critical separation searches of three search areas. Critical separation is where you walk in a line separated far enough from the next searcher so that you can each see an object midway between the two searchers. Critical separation, then, varies with the terrain and ground cover. Whille it looks from the tracks above that the ground was not well covered by searchers, imagine the map covered with the tracks from my team's five searchers' GPS units rather than just my one, plus the myriad tracks from all of the other search teams. When we get back to the command post, we all hand in our GPS units and the incident command staff downloads the tracks onto one map, showing very clearly what has been covered and what has yet to be searched or researched.

The interruptions in my tracks are where the woods are so dense that the GPS satellite signals can't penetrate to the device. You know that's fun to tromp through.


It's deer season so we all had to wear orange. Somewhat amusingly, one of the dairy farms had fitted all of their cows with orange vests. Sad to think that some morons would mistake a cow for a deer and shoot at it.


Anyway, I'm exhausted now.

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