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Finally managed to get myself together to go out for a ride... 8.5 miles... A shortish ride.

It is a lovely day.

I put pedals with toe clips on my bike the other day. I'd been having problems with my feeties slipping off the pedals when downshifting and I wanted to get power out of more of the cycle for each footie. Of course, when I went biking the day before yesterday, I fell for the first time, on a nice comfy grass hummock in the middle of a large puddle of mud. I got off easy; just a small bruise.

Today I decide to reverse one of my usual loops. I almost always end my ride by climbing up an old logging road from a rail trail; today I started out skittering and hopping down the logging road to the rail trail. Quite fun until I got to the bottom where I made a fairly sharp turn to the right onto the gravel rail trail. My wheels slipped out from under me (I guess I leaned into the turn) and down I went.

I fell a second time, just before getting home... Onto grass, so except for yet another small bruise that one was okay.

Two reasons why toe clips and EMT training do not mix. 1) Understanding of 'aggressive wound cleaning'. 2) Hard plastic pocket cpr mask hurts when smashed between femur and ground.

The jury is still out on the toe clips. There are definitely aspects of 'clipping' that I like, but I suspect that offroad clipping may be unhealthy for me. Maybe I just need more practice with them. It's too bad you can't take off the clips when you leave the road.

When I got home I let my older boy (4) help me clean the road rash on my leg. I'm usually scrubbing dirt out of his scrapes so I thought he might like to try the other end of the gauze pad, and he did. He's very compassionate.

I still don't feel like working.

I really like the desktop plugin for LJ except that it doesn't let you set a subject for your posting.

These hamsters are boring; bring me new ones.



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Sep. 9th, 2002 07:00 am (UTC)
ouch. are the toe-clips maybe too tight to let your feet out quickly enough? can they be loosened?

if you are using the LJ thingie i am, you can still get a subject line if you go into the View menu. you just don't get it as a default, alas.
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