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Bjamexza Q. Pyndejo / James O. Payne, Jr.


I arrived at the Forbidden Lab this morning to find new garbage strewn about and post-its stuck to the monitor I usually use!

As I investigated further, I found a note stating that a particular machine was 'reserved for qa' from March something until June something.

Continued research revealed my indicator napkin in the corner; 'Floor not swept since before August 7, 2003'. So that's good, I guess. Not everything has changed.

About an hour and a half after I got here, I heard the plaintive beep of the door lock and turned to see a bunch of indians come in; the transient qa team, apparently. I went back to my news reading and they went back out after milling about in surprised confusion for several minutes. They left a jacket and backpack at one of the machines, though, so I must assume they will be back.

Saturday evening I went on a fire call. It was mutual aid to Springfield. I went over to the station. One of the officers was about to take the truck and asked me if I would mind driving by his house and picking up his turnout gear from the back of his truck and then driving direct to the scene. I said I would... This meant that I got to drive at high speeds through my town and most of Springfield in my private vehicle. Everyone else on the road had to defer to my emergency lights and let me pass. Mostly people saw me coming and moved out of the way, a few others I had to honk at before they'd notice me. Must get a siren.

Ah, the power! It's like Tolkien's ring of power, though. The lights whisper to me as I'm stuck in traffic on my way to Walmart... While I'm on my way to the bank, traveling at 50% of the speed limit behind dawdling tourists. I must resist!

As an aside, although drivers from Myassachusetts are among the worst in the nation in many respects, they *fly* out of the way of my little red car when I'm running my lights. I wondered about this for weeks until a member of my department clued me in; in Myass, the cops use red and white lights.

In any event, there wasn't much to the fire as far as we were concerned... Our truck was situated between a four inch hose coming from over there and a four inch hose running up that way. Our truck boosted the pressure of the supply line running from a pump at the river to a unit up the road that was supplying the firefighters at the scene itself. We spent an hour or so standing around and chatting while minding the pump.

I did get to go up and take a look at the scene with our chief's permission.

The fire scene was interesting. Some guy's detached garage had burned to the ground. There was a blackened car up on a blackened lift in the center of the blackened ruins. Springfield firefighters were hosing the place down with water and foam. I took a look at what was going on and then disappeared back to my own department's place on the scene.

I went home, went to bed, vomited a few times (got out of bed for those, actually), got up, and went to California.

And here I am.

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