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Bjamexza Q. Pyndejo / James O. Payne, Jr.

Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the show?

We had a lovely holiday celebration; first, the entire SF office with the exception of a few ops people went to the Bill Graham auditorium and participated as volunteers in Project Homeless Connect. Later that evening, we all met at a very nice restaurant and had dinner. Everyone was excited and upbeat about what could be, now that our application had been rescued from the former owners. It seemed we had a new direction, new energy. At dinner, it was announced that everyone would have from Christmas Eve until January 5th off. Coupled with the liberal vacation policy, it seemed like a very civilized place to work, and a place one could be proud of working.

Yesterday was our first day back after vacation (although, to be honest, I worked several days during vacation on a project that has/had my interest, OpenAMQ and RestMS). Rabid had asked me to take the 'springs to the rock gym for their regular Monday afternoon climbing club. As I was leaving, I noticed that my boss had IM'd me, looking to chat with me on the phone. I elected to take the kids to the gym and left my boss an IM telling him I would be available for a chat later in the day.

The gym went well; the boys are both good climbers. O1 is doing really well; he climbed several impressive things including a 5.9 with an overhang.

On my return home, I IM'd my boss. I had assumed the call would be about priorities for the new year; I suppose it was, at that. I was laid off, effective Friday, the usual apologies and no severance, thanks very much, best of luck.

I can't say I'm really very surprised. I had suspected that things couldn't last. My work amounted to blue-sky research into next-generation back-end web technologies so I had assumed I would be first out the door. Surprisingly, at least one other engineer, a very good long-term company person responsible for core site engineering support and enhancement, was also let go. I know few other details about who was let go other than what has been reported in the news.

What of things around here?

Divergent Technology appears to be stable. Supertech has been full-time for over three years; Kroneg has been full-time for over a year and a half. The company has been paying its bills and, as I said, appears stable. Our largest client asked us for a discount to help them get through the downturn; we were able to give them 10% without impacting salaries or benefits for S or K. DTG doesn't pay me yet; to be fair, I have put in almost no time at DTG in the past two years. I have been feeling that DTG is poised to do well at this time based on our low overhead; we can cast ourselves as the value leader. It doesn't hurt that we have numerous referenceable clients that we have been servicing for years (our longest client has been with us for five years) and that every one of our clients was a client of our primary competition first. And that the competition charges much more than we do.

Paid Fire/EMS is part of my short-term solution; unfortunately, if I work 96 hours a week (across three services), I will bring home about 1/3 of what I was making from my former employer. Oh, and no benefits.

Unemployment is useless; if I work zero hours, I can make almost $450 a week from unemployment. If I work at all, this figure drops. If I work more than twenty hours, I am not eligible for anything from unemployment despite the fact that I have been contributing for years and years (just one more example of how the liberal government punishes hard workers).

Anyway, sucks.
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