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Wow. Just wow.

Last night I noticed that one of my FEMA deployment bags was missing from my home office; I had last seen it Saturday when I used the GPSr from the bag. This morning I got to my office in Hanover and there was a message from a hunter who found my bag in Claremont while hunting yesterday.

There was no sign of break-in at the office and more valuable/easier to fence items, such as a MacBook Pro, were not taken.

This afternoon, I went and got my bag back. The man who found it was very nice and his concern and effort to retrieve the bag and contact me makes me feel a little better about the entire situation.

Of the items I am sure were in the bag, I'm looking at a replacement cost of $1030. I'm sure MA-TF1 (my FEMA team) will cover the cost of their items; $275. Helmet (red Bullard USAR (construction style)), rain pants, gloves, eye protection, some light sticks.

$755 of that amount represents my own personal items. A lot of the items I'd had and used for years and had lots of memories attached. My GPSr had lead me many places and tracked a million trips. One of the lights I had found years ago in the road outside Zeitgeist when I lived there. Sonny Grover gave me my good work gloves when I was brand new on his department. I'd had the compass for 20 years, maybe; the multitool for 12. I'd bought the whistle during my very first WFR at SOLO. 

This just sucks.

Why would someone break into my office and just steal my 24-hour bag? It makes no sense.



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Dec. 1st, 2012 01:31 pm (UTC)
Ouch! That really sucks.
Financial loss, the hassle of replacement, stuff you'll specifically miss, plus it must be so disconcerting to have had that happen in your home office. Yuck! Sorry all I can offer is sympathy and (((cyberhugs))).
Dec. 1st, 2012 10:35 pm (UTC)
Because they are absolute assholes >:(
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