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This is a link to a set on SoundCloud. The set is comprised of songs that I like from the time that XenophoN stopped playing until a year or so ago. The set title refers to the long hiatus that I took from playing after Adam Watson left Connecticut in 1995 until he dropped a copy of Logic (and other assorted goodies) on me out of the blue in 2007. I've decided that this set is finally done based on my realization that the items that I'm currently working on are themselves a project, Project X. These songs are all by me except 'Summon the Toymaker' which is based on and incorporates a keyboard line by Troy Metcalf.

FWIW, I've decided that my genre is 'Idiosyncratic Dance Music' though not all of these songs fit that category; some of the Hiatus songs are not very accessible.

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