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My family, my parents, my sisters and their immediate families went to Corolla, NC, for a week ending last Saturday. We ended up coming home a day early due to the threatening weather. It was pretty fun, though a bit stressful towards the end as it became clear that Hurricane Charley would hit Sanibel, the island my parents live on in Florida.

My sister, thinkingcapp, has discussed various aspects of the visit on her journal.


My parents read the weather news. For a while, it seemed pretty certain that their house would be destroyed... They haven't been back yet, but someone rode by on a bike and said it looks okay. Phew.

Mom and Dad look at the weather

That's Jack, thinkingcapp's son, on my dad's shirt. Her family is continuing the tradition of calling the first kid something other than his first name. O1 and Jack are both named 'James'... O2 goes by his first name at present; very few people actually call him by his 'first middle' name, Hornswoggle. Some do, though. (Full disclosure; rabidkitten refused to have Hornswoggle put on the birth certificate, but I managed to convince her while she was still woozy from the meds to let me add a dangling 'H' in there; O2 H. Lowell RabidBxiie. We all know what it stands for, of course.)

As I said, we left a day early. So did many other people. Plus, it rained and backed up the storm sewers, partially blocking the road. It took us four hours to go the several miles (eight?) from Corolla to Duck. Conveniently, the other groups of family left before or later and managed to completely avoid this traffic.

This was the unchanging view in front.


And in back.

More traffic

This photo was taken during the four seconds that O1 was quiet.

Me and O1

We stopped to say hello to Babbah and Jabbah on the way home.

Rob and Joe


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