September 1st, 2004


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Back from fest... I've been in Schwenksville for the past week.

Everyone said it was a good fest, but I found it to be somewhat dull from the ops perspective. Several strategic decisions by the camping committee over the last few years has decreased the percentage of a certain element within the fest population. Some of the decisions I personally disagree with; I really miss the campfires that used to dot the campground at night and the haze and pall the wood smoke would create. The effect, however, has been to create a much more docile fest. I, for one, am not sure that I like such a tame fest regardless of the impact on my volunteering organization.


I did three shifts; one Thursday from 1000 to 1600 covering the period of time when the paying customers were let into the campground, one Friday night from 1000 - 0400, and one Sunday morning from 0400 - 1000.

The Thursday shift was good. I was asked by my fest boss to take the campground opening shift, so I did; I was rather thrilled to be asked so I wasn't going to turn it down.

My current fest postion finds me sitting in an office, listening to radio traffic, and directing the operational activities of the campground through three communications people; a comm supervisor, a radio dispatcher, and person to make phone calls. Field supervisors manage foot crews to staff the camping gates and perform welfare and security tasks within the campground. Other crews rove by truck and golf cart, performing maintenance tasks within the campground, shuttling sick, injured, or handicapped festers, and traveling to other committee sites within the fest grounds to pick up materials from purchasing, volunteer meals from the food tent, or this from there. I direct the whole whoop-de-doo from my seedy little booth... In a skirt.

It's interesting when it's interesting. It's dull when it's dull. Mostly it was dull.