September 28th, 2004


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I'm feeling a bit tired. I went to bed a little after three. My pager went off at four-fifteen. I got up and went on a medical call and was home and in bed by five-thirty. My pager went off again at six-forty-five for another medical call. I was home from that one at seven-forty-five but particularly noisy contractors arrived to work on the house, so I gave in and had some coffee. Around nine or so I went back to bed for another hour and fifteen minutes. Now here I am, bleary-eyed and cranky.

Me: "I'm really tired... I have to go home and go to bed."

Chief: "You keep crying, Bxiie."

Lieutenant: "I have to be at work at six."

Chief: "Make sure you telephone Bxiie to keep him company."

I had been up bit later than usual laying out a database to serve a lightweight patron management system idea I'm toying with. I'm quite excited; my RFID scanner is supposed to arrive from Singapore today.

I joined a rescue squad earlier last night; they are a first responder group in the next town north. Now I provide EMS service in three towns. Depending where I am, they know me as C10, C12, or C91. Oh, yes, and another pager.