September 30th, 2004


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My RFID scanner showed up the other day, as expected. I now have it hooked up to the USB port on my main development machine. It's pretty cool, in a nerdish way. I've produced several ho'made proximity cards from several of the RFID tags included with the device. Since I'm planning to track humans, I've named them Manny, Moe, and Jack. I've got the various demo apps that came with the device up and running... When I take one of the cards and wave it over the reader, the seventeen character RFID license plate number appears in the little window on the screen of the PC.

So, now I've got both ends of the process chain; a database schema and the RFID hardware. The fun part, remaining to be done, is to get the two to communicate. I had been planning to use an HTTP server to host the client components; then I realized that the transactions I'm planning to support fall right into HTTP, so now I'm going to use HTTP for all intermachine communications. I'll produce some XML bodies for the transactions that need extra information and send them across with PUT or POST.

I told rabidkitten about my patron management system the other day; she thinks it smacks of Big Brother. I think she's just insufficiently assimilated.