February 20th, 2005


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So, after months of work, I've got my application together and approved for my EMT-Intermediate course. I've got my vacation approved, the client notified, and my two weeks absence approved for my Firefighter I course. I've got a room reserved in Conway for that time. I've got the family convinced to take a vacation of their own for that time... They are going to Florida. They can't really come to Conway as most nights I will need to study hard, but I feel bad about them having to stay home while I'm elsewhere, pursuing elective interests.

The classroom and lab parts of the course will be from March 7 - 18 in Conway, NH. The school used to be part of SOLO, the school where I've taken all of my significant medical training before now. They spun off eight or so years ago, and now teach only Intermediate and Paramedic courses while SOLO only teaches First responder and EMT-Basic.

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