March 9th, 2005


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Monday was legal, ethical, and organizational issues, yesterday was cellular biology and introduction to acid-base issues. Today, we talked about the respiratory system. Respiratory issues are one of the two major systems an EMT works with, the other being the cardiovascular system; heart is scheduled for Friday and Saturday. Our instructor brought in some pig parts; we all gloved up and checked out various bits of pig respiratory system that are very similar to human; trachea, chricoid cartilage, blah, blah. The instructor then intubated the pig trachea (intubation is an EMT-I skill according to the national registry and allowed in many states; only a paramedic can do it in Vermont). Then the instructor ventilated the pig lungs with a bag valve mask. Interesting, if somewhat gross. I took pictures and video; I'll post them sometime later. Tonight's lab is on intubation skills.

Last night a tree fell on my motel. Conveniently, it wasn't my room. Also conveniently, the branches that pierced the roof and ceiling missed the person sleeping in the room. It was sort-of funny to have the instructor's fire pager go off during lab and have it be a tone for your motel. Sort of funny.