March 14th, 2005


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So, after much practice, I'd finished the supervised mannequin IV sign-off starts on the IV trainer; two 'flash' starts (tourniquet, alcohol wipe, catheter insertion, looking just for the 'flash' of blood on the catheter injector that means that the catheter has been properly placed in the vein), two full setups (flash, plus IV bag selection, setup, and start), and one 'bloods' (same as above, but drawing tubes of lab samples). Tonight, I had no excuse but to move to live subjects. I started three 'flash' and had three started on me. One of mine, the second one, didn't count because I threw the sharp bit into the trash rather than the sharps container, even though I placed the catheter properly. The rule, of course, is 'give one, get one', so I had to give myself up in exchange for my make-up poke. The guy I traded with for my make-up flash turned out to be tenative with the needle. He wasn't able to get a flash. He did manage to give me a major hematoma on the back of my left hand. It didn't hurt much while he was mucking about but it sure does now. Anyway, now I've placed catheters in live human veins three times. It's pretty weird. By the third time, I had the technique down fairly well and was able to occlude the vein with my ring finger before pulling the needle out of the catheter; my subject didn't end up covered in blood. Sweet.

For what it's worth, it's more difficult on a psychological level than giving sub-q fluids to the cat.

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