March 16th, 2005


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More sharp items today; subcutaneous stick with 0.3 ml 0.9% NaCl via 27 gauge needle, intramuscular stick with 2 ml NaCl through a 23 gauge, blood glucose with a lancet. My blood glucose was highish at 140 mg/dl; I'd been pounding peppermint patties all afternoon. I did a full IV setup on a fellow student today giving him 250 ml of normal saline; in exchange, he gave me the same. I also set up for and drew two tubes of blood from another student. So, now I'm done with my lab sticks though I owe my arm one time to another student; he may get me tomorrow.

Don't believe what they tell you; an eighteen gauge catheter hurts more than a twenty, though you can put a lot more fluid through it. Size does matter.

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