May 9th, 2005


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Here's how it happened.

The guy usually gets two page hits a day. In the web server logs, pages look like batches of entries. Each page component is downloaded separately in its own HTTP transaction. First, an HTML page is downloaded. As the page is parsed by the browser, each downloadable component is loaded. As it is served from the server, it is logged. The size of the batch of entries depends on the page (RH's entry with pictures, the particular entry this guy probably found, takes something like forty-one HTTP transactions to load). So this guy is used to seeing 'symmetrical' logs; an HTML file and a bunch of pictures. That batch is considered a 'page hit'.

All of a sudden, his site traffic spikes. Each time anyone opens that particular post, his server gets hits for the two images. So instead of getting two 'page hits' a day, all of a sudden he gets image hits for all of the times anyone opens RH's journal page. Way asymmetrical. So he turns to the referrer log to see where they are coming from. The referrer log specifies the page a request originated from. All of the traffic is from the same page. He cuts it from the referrer log and pastes it into the browser.

I always say, don't post anything on the Internet you wouldn't write on a note and stick under someone's windshield wiper.