June 22nd, 2005


(no subject)

I found out late last week that my national registry application got delayed in transit; stalled somewhere between my school's medical director (who had to sign it) and the administrator (who had to mail it to the NREMT). So, even though I took the exam on the 12th, I wasn't signed up for it. Well, I was signed up with the testing facility, but not the national registry. Supposedly the application has been sent along. I was worried (being the paranoid type that I am) that my exam results would be invalidated since I wasn't really signed up for the exam, but the NREMT has assured me that my exam answer sheet and my application will meet up at some point in time, receipt order is not important, and that I will have my scored test results no more than twenty-one days after the application and answer sheet get together. So that means, apparently, at least three more weeks before I get my results. Tarnation.

On a lighter note, I was pleased to find that the pharmacy, filling a flouride prescription, faced with two middle initials, dropped the 'L.' in O2's name in favor of the 'H.'. As one might assume, rabidkitten and I disagree on which of the initials should come first; thankfully the birth certificate has them in the right order.