September 15th, 2005


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UPDATE: CAIR replaces pic with original... Removes *three* hijabs.

Picture only at...

UPDATE 2: What really gets me is that the cached photo at Google was removed, then switched. I know this because I looked at the cache this morning before it was switched. I'm guessing that this was done by a 'sympathetic' Google employee and not at the corporate level; still, this Orwellian rewrite means that the Google cache can't be trusted. I've sent them mail at and will be switching my search engine to something else.

At least Canada has put a stop to the Sharia court nonsense for now.

Also, regarding the now-infamous photo of Bush writing his need-to-go-wee-wee note... Am I the only one who finds it at all bizarre that the MSM goes nuts over this happening at the UN but can all-but-ignore the huge oil-for-food scandal? The mind reels.