November 1st, 2005


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I've been paying close attention to the situation in France for the last few days. Of course, last night was the fifth night in a row muslims have rioted in a suburb of Paris in response to two li'l darlings choosing an electrical substation as the place in which to hide from the cops (the overwhelmed cops now claim they weren't chasing the hooligans, just as they plead for the muslims to believe it wasn't the police who launched a police tear gas shell that ended up in a mosque during the rioting).

Five nights of rioting! And today, we read this staggering fact attributed to the interior minister.

Since the start of the year, 9,000 police cars have been stoned and, each night, 20 to 40 cars are torched, Sarkozy said in an interview last week with the newspaper Le Monde.

Let's do the math... 273 days so far... That makes an average of just under 33 police cars stoned each day and a total of 5,460 - 10,920 cars torched.

Gosh... Held hostage by Islam, they don't want to support addressing the status quo in the middle east? Between this and the Oil-for-Food scandal, things really come into focus.

Remind me again, who wants to emigrate to the utopian societies of Australia, England, France?