December 30th, 2005


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Yup, I'm forty. Still feels like thirteen, IMHO.

I hired a technician several weeks ago; he's working out rather well. Not only is he a dedicated worker, interested in learning, and in possession of much information complimentary to my own, but he's also neat, organized, and thoughtful. He brought me a twelve-pack of my usual and a personal-sized birthday cake yesterday. I could get used to this.

I gave a demo on Wednesday, or tried to. The demo was of a barcode inventory system I'm doing for the mystery client (according to the NDA, I'm not allowed to tell you who the client is, what they do, or even that I know they exist. It's all very cloak-and-dagger). The system runs over the Internet (teh internets) between a hand-held device running Windows CE at a remote site and the client's server. My demo environment was running on my own server. The thing was working well for a demo from the device and from a PC-based browser when I left the office but wouldn't connect from the client's site. Conveniently the boss was not in and the functionary who I spoke to didn't seem too upset. I was embarassed, though. The server had been running a bit slowly and I suspected that SuperTech was doing something with it. He wasn't, though.

I got back to the office and discussed it with SuperTech. He said that he hadn't been working on the server and what port was I running my demo on? D'oh! I was running it on port 8010; the firewall had blocked the traffic. I unblocked the port and remoted into the client's server, then used a browser from there to view the demo; it worked perfectly.

Between his one-minute hands-off diagnosis of my demo issue and the cake and beer, SuperTech earned his keep yesterday.