November 26th, 2008


Rough Ride

This happened in St. Louis on October 10. Two fire trucks attempted to occupy the same intersection at the same time.

These trucks are both quints; they can operate as both a pumper and a ladder.

I can't imagine going screaming through an intersection, red or green light, in any type of fire apparatus or ambulance.  Those big boxes are are hard to stop...  Especially with hundreds of (in the case of a quint) or thousands of (in the case of a tanker) gallons of water on board.

You can see just before impact the driver of the first apparatus sees the second truck and veers slightly to their right.  I wonder if a more drastic turn would have minimized the damage, especially if the second driver had turned left to avoid.  I think if the first driver had been willing to eat the first sawhorse with the nose of the truck they might have stayed upright.  They would have had to come left abruptly again, though, and the frame does not show what is farther down the street.  So who knows?

Check out the poor person standing next to the tree in the lower right. 

Hey,rozebud , did you hear anything about the aftermath of this?