December 7th, 2008

Ceiling Frank

Shiny New Account

A big shout out to the three people that I know of on my friends list who have picked up permanent accounts during this sale.

Be sure to try out friends-of-friends...  Go to your friends page, then update the url to add a second 'friends' after the first (or a first 'friends' before the second).  For me, this would look like...

I continue to be amazed at how much content is on  LJ, how many different communities with how many different interests...  How many different ways of using LJ.  Friends-of-friends has taken me to many different ends of LJ.  Of course, the experience will be totally different for you; your friends have different friends than mine.

Of course, you can look at what my friends-friends looks like by clicking on the above link.  You can check out what your friends-friends look like by updating the URL for their friends page or by replacing your name in your URL with the user or community that you would like to use as a root.

Happy exploring!

Oh, and thanks again...  We may be able to get shoes for the children this year after all.