December 21st, 2008


Fun on the Interstate

It's been snowing a lot.


I worked with Mrs. Turquoise today. Due to budget cuts, it was just her and me on the schedule.

We got sent out to the interstate twice. The first time was for a car that had 'slid off into ledges'. Ledges are rocky outcroppings; along the interstate they are where rock was blasted away to aid the routing of the roadway.

The interstate is a very scary place to work an accident even in nice weather when the pavement is dry; motorists do not slow down when they see emergency lights. Sleepy and drunk drivers have a tendency to drift towards the flashing lights. In addition, many people do not seem to realize that the roadway is slippery when wet; their unthinking reaction to a late awareness of an impending accident scene may well land them in the same place as the original accident.

No one responded to the tone to staff an engine so Mrs. Turquoise and I were alone on the interstate for the first accident with no blocking vehicle other than the ambulance. Fortunately there were no injuries and the driver had self-extricated by the time we arrived. We waited until the state police showed up and spoke to the driver and then ferried the driver to the local hospital to wait in safety until their car could be retrieved.