September 30th, 2009


Bill Lumbergh

Whenever DTG staffers fill out something that may result in spam or unsolicited calls, we use the name Bill Lumbergh.  That way, when we get a call for Bill, we immediately know that the call or mail can be sent to /dev/null.

One particular vendor calls every other week or so looking for Bill.  They have been calling with this frequency for the past *four years* and pretend to know Bill well...  Even though they have never spoken with him, not once, ever.  'Cause one thing we never do is claim that one of us is Bill.

On Friday, I overheard SuperTech take a phone call from this vendor.

"Bill?  Oh, I'm so sorry...  You just missed him...  Hang on, let me see if I can grab him."


"Nope, sorry, he just drove off, heading to the golf course.  You know how much he likes golf...  Yes.  Yes.  And he wants to get in as much golf as possible before winter."

"Sure, I'll give him the message.  Bye, now."

(Evil laugh)