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Roe Effect: A theory that the Row V. Wade decision has had the effect of making the United States more conservative through selective breeding. The theory is based on the notion that most people get their basic political leanings from their parents. More liberal women or couples have elected not to have children, leading to a supposed increase in the number of young conservatives at the college or younger age through parental self-selection.

This is a theory suggested by James Taranto, the columnist who produces 'Best of the Web Today':

Taranto cites a poll conducted for "Rock the Vote"...

New voters registered for the first time since 2000 slightly prefer Bush, apparently, with Taranto's unstated but apparent argument that a majority of these new voters represent young adults first registering to vote... Which they do, but barely:

'New voters in the 2004 Presidential Election are not as young as one might think. Thirty
percent are ages 17 to 25; 10% are 26 to 30, and 17% are 31 to 40. Surprisingly, 18% are
41 to 54, 12% are 55 to 64, and 12% are over 65.'

So, forty percent of the respondents could be affected by the Roe Effect. Inconveniently, the questions and demographic responses are not provided for independent review or other exploration. The results narrative is pretty interesting, though.

The Oregonian, from a separate Taranto piece...

"To be a Republican actually is reactionary and kind of revolutionary," says [Luke] Sheahan, 20. "People of my age tend to rebel against the status quo, and the status quo on campuses is liberal. It's almost innate rebellion against, y'know, the establishment."

Oh, my spleen.

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