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Bjamexza Q. Pyndejo / James O. Payne, Jr.

In a previous post, I said...

...a previous president issued an arrest warrant for the chief justice himself for having the audacity to rule that only the congress had the right to suspend habeas corpus. Not happy with just this affront, the president in question went on to detain a circuit court judge for demanding habeas corpus for a detained political prisoner, then the mayor and chief of police of a major city and a number of state legislators for suspicion of sedition.

No one asked about this... I was a little surpised.

Of course, the president who did this was Lincoln. The justice was Roger B. Taney, the mayor was William Brown, mayor of Baltimore, the chief of police, also of Baltimore, was George P. Kane. Nine elected members of the Maryland legislature were detained in order to keep them from voting for succession. Such a vote would be legal under the Constitution, so Lincoln, more interested in preserving the economic superiority of the north than upholding the law, had to throw them in jail.

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