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Nov. 12th, 2004

Ultimately, here is what I get from the fashionable blaming of Christians for the failures of the left.

Adolph Hitler rose from obscurity by blaming the jews for the treaty of Versailles. This treaty was a horrible burden on Germany, but it did result from the practices (and excesses) of the leaders of the Austro-Hungarian empire. Hitler obviously wouldn't gain any traction by blaming mom and dad, so he astutely exploited historical dislike of Jews to gain power for the National Socialist party and himself.

The left is clearly willing to blame the minority evangelicals for its current woes; the difference, of course, is that Christians, like it or not, do form the majority social class in this country, so much so that any candidate for higher office must publicly embrace Christianity. The liberals would like to blame their failure to explain and sell its platforms to the majority of Americans on the Christians, specifically the evangelicals. This will not work; the majority of Christians are moderates who bear little resemblence to the church of the inquisition. Any attempt by the far left to persecute the Christians, even the evangelicals, on the basis of religion will alienate the moderate Christians in both parties (not to mention, of course, those among the independent).

(I didn't see the Hillary Clinton speech the other day, although Rabid did. Apparently Hillary is telling people that they need to use the bible to help the poor and disadvantaged.)



Nov. 12th, 2004 04:55 pm (UTC)
i DO know how to respond to this:
what the foja? "fashionable blaming of christians"? "for the failures of the left"? persecution of christians?

fashionable among WHOM? what failures?

ok, you're actually drawing a parallel between the race hatred of Adolf Hitler and the left's distrust of american fundamental christianity?

i haven't the foggiest idea what you're talking about, bx. if by "current woes" you simply mean Geo. Bush in the white house, i guess there's some ground, seeing as how we've been having this discussion about the importance of fundie sentiment among Bush voters. but that's not "blame" -- that's simple causation. we're talking about what sequence of events resulted in the election of Bush to a second term. if you can honestly, and with a straight face, compare the following two statements:

"I'm disappointed and distressed that so many of my fellow Americans feel that Bush is somehow morally superior to Kerry"


"Jews are filth and must all be killed"

then all's i can say is, you've got a great future in the republican party. :P

fortunately for us all, most infringements by religious radicalism on civic life--public posting of Ten Commandments and the like--have been shot down in the courts (by those dreaded "activists judges" no less)... therefore there's not much i can think of in terms of "current woes" to actually assign blame for; were i, however, seeking an appropriate guilty party, i would look to politicians who cater to evangelicals rather than the evangelicals themselves. i've been clamouring for years (thou know'st well) that the current prez is downright ASSHOLIC in his exclusion of agnostics and atheists from his discourse -- it's always "people of faith" or "people of all faiths" with him, the dickhead.

"The liberals would like to blame their failure to explain and sell [their] platforms to the majority of Americans on the Christians, specifically the evangelicals." so what you're doing, bxiie, is placing blame on one party (the left) for blaming another party (Joe Churchgoer) for not agreeing with them. uh... isn't that a tautology? you don't agree with me, therefore i don't agree with you! or at best, just nonsense: "It's all YOUR fault that you don't agree with me, NOT MINE! NYAAH!"

then, without a breath, you move from the concept of "convincing" Christians (presumably to broaden their worldview and/or understand that the public good is NOT up for auction to the highest-paying deity) to "persecuting" them. where, oh where does this come from?

(yeah, ok, and according to my grandfather, the ruin of our society was all the fault of "them kids" who were all smoking "that pot." and just look how that all turned out, with all "them kids" rounded up into concentration camps in the '70s. oh, wait, that was a Frank Zappa record, not reality. whew.)
more in a minute, believe it or not...


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