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Nov. 19th, 2004


For 11% of voters, the most important topics were Domestic Issues like Social Security and Health Care. Ten percent (10%) named cultural issues such as same-sex marriage and abortion, while 4% cite fiscal issues such as taxes and government spending.

The number saying National Security issues and Cultural issues increased from a survey conducted two weeks before Election Day.

Exit polls conducted by the networks created quite a stir by reporting that 22% of voters said "Moral Values" were most important. Our survey framed the question differently and drew attention specifically to same-sex marriage and abortion.

In the week leading up to the Election, we interviewed 652 Likely Voters who named cultural issues as most important to them. They were Bush voters by a 73% to 26% margin.

Fifty-two percent (52%) of Cultural Issues Voters are under 40 and 61% are women. Those over 65 were least likely to name cultural issues as important.

Fifty-three percent (53%) of Cultural Issues Voters are Investors and 83% are White.

Overall, on Election Day, 56% of Bush voters named National Security Issues most important. Fourteen percent (14%) said Cultural Issues, 13% Economic Issues, 6% Domestic Issues, and 3% Fiscal Issues.

Kerry voters had a different focus--40% named Economic Issues most important, 24% National Security Issues, 15% Domestic Issues, 6% Cultural Issues, and 4% Fiscal Issues.





Nov. 20th, 2004 11:29 am (UTC)
Our survey framed the question differently and drew attention specifically to same-sex marriage and abortion.

Yeah, they framed their questions differently. Search long enough online, and you'll find the results you want.

Bx, I feel your pain. I understand that, as an intellectual conservative, it would have been much more gratifying if the media announced that Bush had won an overwhelming and decisive victory based on the voters' intelligent analysis of the most important issues at hand. And maybe some people voted that way. But there was a sizable percentage that voted on morality, and it was big enough to swing the election.

I'm sure that there were a few loonies that voted for Kerry. And a few more that voted for Nader. But your loonies can beat up our loonies, and that's just what happened. Bush got a big chunk of votes based on his perceived morality. Again, I apologize for this not being a total scorched earth victory for the intelligent conservatives of the world. But it wasn't.

And I can't say this enough: You won.
You won.
You won.
You won.
You won.
So drop the 'nyah'. Try not to be so upset about your victory.


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