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Dec. 5th, 2004

Two more medical calls today; that makes eight calls since lunchtime Thursday. Two fires, six medical calls. My back is a little sore from a bad stairchair carry at my last call... I'm always conscious of how I pick up things, but I had to carry my end of the chair at about knee height going down a flight of stairs. Ouch. At least there was no vomit at the calls today, though three of the recent medical calls have involved passing out or nearly passing out in the bathroom.

Here's another picture from the fire on Friday.

You can see a lot of steam coming off the roof of the residence. The steam is from the water I'm spraying on the house coming into contact with the walls and roof of the house which are being heated through radiation from the very hot fire. The house is that hot.

These pictures were taken by some person in town. I had him bring his digital by the station where I sucked the pictures onto the office PC, then onto CD. I had three sets of prints made from these pictures; two for the department and one for the homeowner. The two department sets circulated at the fundraising dinner we gave Saturday night; I dropped the other set off to the homeowner today. The homeowner and a group of other people were building a small building to shelter the miniature ponies that they used to keep in the barn (the animals were out when the fire broke out, thankfully). They were excited to see the pictures and as I left all of the people were gathered around looking at the prints.



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Dec. 6th, 2004 01:52 pm (UTC)
love the new icon
Wow! Amazing pictures! I'm so glad you (and your neighbor) weren't hurt.
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