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Feb. 7th, 2005

Over the summer, I got a letter from the IRS. They said that they disagreed with our taxes as filed and that we owed thousands of dollars more.

I was like, no.

So I called up H. R. Block. They've been doing our personal and business taxes for the last several years since a mere mortal can't really effectively understand anything more complex than the old 1040EZ. Apparently companies that specialize in taxes can't, either.

The nice Block lady was sympathetic... Of course, Block was going to be on the hook for part of the difference if they got it wrong.

She took a few days to look at it, then had me get some other form from someplace else and give it to her. I did.

Finally, the nice Block lady called me back and told me that, in fact, the IRS owed us more than we originally thought.

I was like, cool.

I picked up the amended forms and sent them off to the state and the IRS.

We got a seven dollar check from the state within two weeks. Go, Vermont!

At the beginning of the fall, I got a letter from the IRS saying, in essence, they agreed with the amended return and that they did owe us money. The funny thing was that the form letter was written from the perspective of us owing them money, except with us owing them negative sums instead of positive ones. Like, it's so rare that anyone prys money back from them that they don't have a form letter for it.

I had to sign the form agreeing to their agreement with the amended form and return it. Unfortunately, I managed to lose it. So I called. They sent me a new one in a month's time. I signed the thing in the post office and put it back in the mail, same day.

A few months later, I received another form letter to acknowledge my agreement with their agreement to the changes. Oh, and if I owe them money, send it now 'cause I owe interest compounded by the second. Oh, and if, ha, ha, they owe us money, heh, they'll send it along presently, tee, hee.

That was Novemberish.

Today the check arrived. With shaking hands, I opened it. It was for the wrong amount... Too much money. On the bottom of the check was an explanation; they paid us $436.04 in interest!

Hooray! Free money from the government.

Of course, the whole thing is taxable as income next year, even though it was taken as taxes the year before last. Stupid system.

To cap it off, H. R. Block will do our personal taxes for free this year for failing to calculate the maximum allowed refund last year, per thier guarantee.



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