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Since last time, I sent off my form for New Hampshire and got my NH EMT-I card in the mail. I am now certified to provide intermediate-level care if I happen to be on that side of the river; that might conceivably happen on my paid squad.

I've got half the signatures I need for the VT application. I spoke to the state office today; they were maddening. They have no idea when an I-03 exam may be scheduled. They will review my credentials and decide if further training will be required before the exam, would only be a few days if at all. Just a few days.

The annoying thing is that the NH medical protocols are just as complex as the VT I-03 protocols, only that the VT protocols are subject to online medical control for most meds. Online medical control is what Johnny and Roy get when they call into Rampart for instructions. So, in other words, for a specific problem with given indications and contraindications, NH expects you to administer a specific medication while VT expects you to call in with the story and have a doctor tell you 'online' to give the meds. In practice, certain protocols may be executed due to inability to communicate with medical control, but it seems that VT trusts the EMT less than NH does.

I attended the EMS district board meeting tonight. I found out that there are other people on several other services with I-03s in the pipeline and so there may be a test upstate in the next month or two. So that was good. Not surprising but still worrisome that the state people I spoke to earlier had no clue.

I was asked about my service's progress; the service that I coordinate lost its transport license two or so years ago and has been working back from a first responder service into an ambulance squad. I am planning to file the license for transport this winter. We have been working, slowly, on recruitment and are able to have two people on just about every call. We are getting a new radio repeater that will go up on a mountain nearby that should solve some communications issues; people in my town can't currently hear calls from over there.

At a meeting with me last weeek, the town manager of my primary squad's town sugggested the idea of having a mass casualty drill. He is concerned with the number of tour buses that come through the town and the response if something should happen. We came up with two possible places that an accident would be likely to occur. I told the town manager that I would be delighted to put an MCI drill together. He told me that I would have the support of the town in any way that I needed. When I got home, I called a guy from the fire department who I knew had some interest in planning an MCI and he readily agreed to help plan it.

I was unsure how the board would react. I suggested the drill and everyone was pretty excited. Every major EMS resource including the hospital expressed support and enthusiasm. Someone knew where we could get a bus. I described the two scenarios that the town manager and I came up with. The first idea was a bus collision with a truck on a particular long descent of curvy main road where accidents happen constantly. It was generally agreed that the state police would not permit that particular stretch of road to be shut down for several hours. The second suggestion was a bus into the river along the curvy main road. Everyone liked that one.

"Ooh, river!"

Everyone was supportive of having it in my town. I'm thinking forty or fifty victims; that would be twenty or so ambulances tied up for several hours, several fire departments, and a bunch of hospitals in on the game. There has not been a big drill nearby for a long time so this would be well needed. The hard part, though, is plannning the policy. It's easy to flip a bus into the brook and set out a bunch of participants in moulage; planning and agreeing on procedures with all of the stakeholders will be difficult. When I discussed needing procedures first to practice in the drill, the board became vague.

Some new weirdness surfaced regarding EMS in the town I live in; some woman has been anonymously stirring up trouble, incorrectly suggesting regulatory or functional defects in the way EMS is provided in my town. There have been three occasions that the board knows of that the woman has done so. In any event, it was suggested that a first responder service should be set up in my town for appearance's sake. I disagreed and argued that there are no problems with the way EMS is provided through the fire service with
an affiliation between the fire department EMTs and the ambulance service. It seems to me that the current system works fine and limits the red-tape crap.

I was able to defend all of the issues that anyone else had with the way service was being provided; certain influential board members seemed to really want to look into it further for 'public perception' reasons so I volunteered to explore the issue with the town and state. If my town is going to have an EMS unit, I want to be in on the ground floor, I guess.

Work is work.

The Red Menace continues to be a source of Dilbertian annoyment. Lately, we've been having yearly performance appraisals on a quarterly basis. I don't get it, either. In any event, my boss said 'Your technical credibility within the engineering team is excellent. This is one of your key strengths.' Which was nice of him. He'd like me to care about my projects more, though. Which is also nice; he's finally starting to notice.

My main client keeps going. They need more of my time. They have some cool projects that need to be done, but I don't have time to get to them; RFID timekeeping, document revision management, production-worker touchscreen workstations.

I need to hire.

I need to get a car for the TTBD (Tech To Be Determined). I've found a place in New Jersey that will wrap the car. It's going to be checkered on top, I think, Bxiie-blue and vanilla. I have some vague ideas for the sides; handwritten flow charts superimposed over computer-generated ones with a pithy slogan. Unfortunately, the perfect 800 number is taken.

I'm hoping to go over and put in a few ride-along hours at the paid squad tomorrow or Friday night. We'll see. Unfortunately, I'm not going to have much time for them until Labor Day. I'd really like to be working more calls; I need the experience.

I can't remember my last call... It's been at least a week and a half.

Damned healthy people.

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