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For rabidkitten...

On arrival, you will go through Immigration, then will pick up your bags and go through Customs. After customs, you will be dumped out into the International arrivals meeting area. Bear to the right, go straight through the cluster of limo drivers. You will find several ATMs on the wall ahead of you. Get some money. Try to phone me; I will be watching arrivals on the Internet so will know when you land but it might take some time to clear customs and immigration… If you phone me, I won’t have to wait as long for the bus since I’ll better be able to judge which bus you’ll be on. The phone system here is somewhat hard to deal with depending on the type of device calling, the type of device being called, and the carrier, so after the fourth or fifth try, please feel free to give up (it took me ten or twelve attempts to get through to the apartment keyholder when I got here, fwiw).

Turn to the left and walk to the end of the terminal. There are two exits on this side of the terminal, one to the right of a luggage store (farther from you) and one on the left of the luggage store (right in front of you). On the sign above the exit will be directions to bus stops 16 – 22. You are not interested in these bus stops but this will let you know that you have the right exit.

Go through the exit and follow the sidewalk. On the left hand wall will be a series of doors. The second door on the left (I believe) is to a bus waiting room. Go through this door, cut through the waiting room, and go out onto the bus platform beyond. The bus to Reading will arrive on this platform; the bus to Reading runs every twenty or thirty minutes. The bus itself is blue and fuschia and says RailAir on the side. The surly bus driver will tell you that it is the right bus.


Relax and enjoy your ride. As you enter Reading, you will be able to see the Red Menace buildings to your right. I’m sure you’d hate to miss them; no fear, though; the train to London goes right by as well.

See you at the station. If I don't happen to be there, please just wait; I'll be along shortly.



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Oct. 5th, 2005 08:55 pm (UTC)
Have fun with that!
The surly bus driver will tell you that it is the right bus.

Ok, so one time, when Mike and I were leaving DC, we had to fly out of Dulles. We needed to be there early, because we were flying on 'buddy passes' from Danny. timehole gave us a ride to the bus stop (kinda near the mall/museum area), where we were to take a bus directly to the airport. This bus runs once an hour on Sunday.

So the bus pulls up, and some people with luggage get out. Mike and I, and a woman with two teenage boys start to get on. The bus driver says "No, I'm off duty now - the next bus is around the corner - he'll be here in 5 minutes." And he drives off.

Do I even need to tell you that the "next bus" never showed up? We decided the driver needed to go smoke some crack and really didn't feel like dragging our sorry asses to Dulles. We ended up taking a $55 cab ride, which effectively negated our savings using the buddy passes. (I did try to get the woman w/two boys to share the cab, but apparently they weren't in that much of a hurry, and decided to wait the hour for the next bus.)
Oct. 6th, 2005 11:36 am (UTC)
Re: Have fun with that!
Bus drivers are hit-or-miss, aren't they?

Over the past few years, the RailAir drivers have generally been friendly. When I took the bus this time (last week), I got yelled at by the driver for putting my bag next to the bus after he had offloaded the luggage that was already there. My ESP was not working or I would have understood that he needed to go to the potty and that my bag could not sit next to the bus for the intervening five minutes.

I sat right behind him so that I could see the sights (since, as you know, superhighways vary considerably from place to place; sign colors, side of the road, guardrail styles). He muttered to himself nonstop all the way to Reading.

Of course, the driver that threatened me and 'Cracker John' with a baseball bat a few years back was of the taxi variety. So you just can't tell.
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