Bjamexza Q. Pyndejo / James O. Payne, Jr. (bxiie) wrote,
Bjamexza Q. Pyndejo / James O. Payne, Jr.

This is awesome.

Right off the bat, you've got a little girl shooting a tripod-mounted machine gun. Then the action breaks to a landscape shot showing the results of lots of good ol' boys and girls shooting full-auto at explodey things. Then it's back to the little girl; dad thinks she should shoot at the cardboard box; she wants to ventilate the rice burner. Of course, the girl has on earmuffs and glasses; safety first. Sure, she should be using short bursts to conserve ammo and keep the weapon on target; she's young so we can cut her some slack.

Then it's back to the landscape and stuff exploding.

What fun. Good, noisy fun.

UPDATE: Bloggers respond...

Any way, we live in a country where small girls can fire .50 caliber automatic weapons, if the weapon is properly mounted. Give 'em tracers and the kids can walk the fire onto target.

The terrorists cannot win.

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