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I'm back in not-so-sunny California. The dollar I left in Forgotten Lab is still here, as are the dirty wool socks I left right inside the door. I didn't realize that I left so many crumbs around my computer, but given the location of the socks I'm pretty sure I was the last person here. The socks no longer smell; gotta love that reverse entropy.

The flight sucked atypically. I had managed to get upgrades for both segments. Conveniently, we had been boarded and I had already sucked down a complimentary Jack and Coke before the captain told us that the plane would not be going and that we all had to get off, and I talked the reticketer into giving me a meal voucher, so those are pluses. I ended up not getting upgraded on the new flights and I arrived at a different airport (SF as opposed to Oakland, not too bad) two hours late after my second most exciting landing in SF (wind, wind, rain, wind... Flight attendant... "We'd like to thank our captain and first officer for that safe and obviously challenging landing"). The car is sort of an, um, green elephant; a Crown Vic with 75 miles on the odometer. I like luxury as much as the next capitalist but it's hard to park something that big in SF. I'm sure the rental agency thought they were doing me a favor.

A few hours of broken sleep and off to work.

On Tuesday I went and watched the other town fire department play with foam at the dump. The dump monster set the wood pile on fire and the FD put it out as a drill. I was at our station for a meeting with the officers and they invited me along to watch. We played with the thermal imager... It's a handheld device that shows the infrared of the scene in front of it. If you aim the green cross on the screen at something (like a fire or bystander) it shows you the surface temperature of the something. Pretty cool.



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